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Customized Solutions for Owners & Users


Our dedicated team of commercial real estate professionals has extensive experience in landlord and seller representation, large project leasing, development and property management. We provide practical, hands-on advice, giving owners a distinct competitive advantage in the office market. Because we service many closely held assets, we know how owners think and share your sense of urgency to stabilize, market and execute on timely disposition of investment properties.


CCRE's office professionals are experts in their respective markets and execute multi-faceted strategies to enhance the value of a real estate asset. Optimal market positioning, property prospect identification, customized marketing strategies and tools, and skilled management ensure that our clients’ needs are met—down to the last detail. Our targeted services and tailored solutions align real estate needs with business strategy, operational objectives and financial goals.


Tenant Representation Services


CCRE also provides services for tenants seeking office space or otherwise negotiating with existing landlords.  We offer tenants a full range of options including:

  • Negotiating best terms for a renewal

  • Finding and renovating a relocation facility

  • Developing and building a new building – often with third-party capital

  • Office consolidation, expansion, relocation

  • Support regarding relocation incentives and process planning

  • Creating a multi-site location analysis and strategy


As business owners, we understand the importance of expenses and location. Our team is well versed in the needs for a successful business relocation or start up. We have a team of space planners, architects, engineers, and designers ready top help you fill the perfect space.  Allow our team to take the heavy lifting off of you with space needs, so you can focus on running your business. 

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