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Example Auction Properties

Our team of real estate professionals have conducted over 600 real estate auctions in Florida, ranging in property type from single family residences, luxury, waterfront, land, to commercial. When it comes to maximizing the interests in real estate, a well conducted auction marketing campaign is the the tool. Ask about our auction marketing programs. The key to remember is, you will never be at risk of selling for anything less than YOUR price.

All Auctions are live & each property receives a dedicated auction website
Don't Miss This

This is an example of what your property would look like in an auction marketing campaign. The purpose is to create a sense of urgency about your property and get the buyers off the fence.

Time is Now


Investment buyers often find themselves struggling to to get a buyer to commit to buying. The buyers love your property, but just cannot bring themselves to contract. The auction deadline puts the seller in control.

Impact Marketing


Want to stand out? If your property is in a sea of other properties, the only attention marker is a price reduction. Unless you take control of the marketing with an auction. Never at risk of selling for anything less than your price.

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